Hello there!
My name is Evan Thompson. I’m the photographer and video producer behind Sapphire 7 Studios.

I‘m based in Oxford, Michigan and I enjoy spending time in the company of friends, playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball, and am fascinated with all sorts of technology.

I have a great amount of passion and creativity in the powerful capabilities of digital media and I enjoy using my skills to create entertainment that is thrilling, heartwarming, and inspiring.

I especially enjoy capturing the special moments of people’s lives and using my creativity to turn those moments into memories that last!

Lots of my inspiration comes from successful YouTubers such as Devin Graham, The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, Zach King, and many more. My goal is to one day join the ranks of those from whom I draw my inspiration, and in turn, bring inspiration to the world.

Life is an adventure, let’s make it memorable!


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